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最小化 最大化

Director of laboratory

   □ Haibin Li

Research group of clean and efficient utilization of fuels


  □ Zenli Zhao


  □ Haibin Li

  □ Xiaobo Wang

  □ Anqing Zheng

  □ Hongxiang Wu

  □ Sheng Chang

Research group of chemical looping conversion and purification


  □ Fang He


  □ Zhen Huang

  □ Kun Zhao

  □ Anqi Liu

  □ Huiqiong Zhong

Research Team>Research group of clean and efficient utilization of fuels>Chargeman Research Team>Research group of clean and efficient utilization of fuels>Chargeman

最小化 最大化


           Zenli Zhao

      Researcher / PhD supervisor / Director of Research

Major experience

        1991.9-1995.7,  graduated from Dalian University of Technology , got Bachelor of engineering

        1995.9-1996.7 , studied in Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(Beijing)

        1996.9-1998.4 , graduated from Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences , got Master of  degree in engineering

        1998.4 – present , working in the Biomass Energy Research Center of Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences

        2001.2-2005.12  , graduated from China University of Science and Technology , got  His Ph.D. degree

Worked in Biomass Research Center of Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion in Chinese Academy of Sciences since April 1998. Got PhD in China University of Science and Technology in 2005. I had participated in the National Medical Science and Technique Foundation during the “9th Five-Year Plan” and “10th Five-Year Plan”, “biomass gasification power generation system and demonstration project” of State 863 projects, CAS Knowledge Innovation Projects, the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, published more than 30 papers, written 1monograph, and applied for 10 patents. Awarding: Outstanding scientific and technological achievements of scientific and technological research of “9th Five-Year Plan”(2001), Guangdong provincial Science and Technology progress award(2002), Second Prize of science and technology in Guangdong(2002), First Prize of science and technology in Guangdong(2004), excellent research team of the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province(2004), Innovation Expert in staff and workers of Guangdong Province(2004). Third prize of NSF(2006), first prize of science and technology progress of Guangdong Province(2007), golden prize of patents in Guangdong(2007), excellence award of 10th Chinese patents, second prize of  science and Technology Progress  of NSF(2008).

Brief Introduction

Release and control theory and technology of pollutants during energy using, system integration of municipal solid waste disposal technology and other waste disposal technology.

Undertake majorresearch projectsinrecentyears

“Research omn inhalable particle in municipal solid waste thermal pyrolysis” of Natural science foundation of Guangdong Province, project leader.

“Research on mechanism of oxygen-rich controlled burning of municipal solid waste” of open foundation project of new energy and renewable energy development and use, project leader.

“Solid waste energy use” of natural science foundation research team project in Guangdong Province, project main participant.

Representative Books & Publication
  (1) Yong chen, Xiaoxi Ma, Haibin Li, Zengli Zhao. Solid waste energy use. Huanan University of technology Press. ISBN7-5623-1814-X. 7.2001
  (2)Zengli Zhao, Haitao Huang, Chuangzhi Wu, Haibi Li, Yong Chen. Biomass Pyrolysis in an Argon/Hydrogen Plasma Reactor. Engineering in Life Sciences, 2001, 1(5): 197-199.

  (3) Zhao Zengli, Li Haibin, Wu Chuangzhi, Chen Yong. THE STUDY ON THE PLASMA GASIFICATION OF BIOMASS. Acta Energiae Solaris Sinica, . 2005,26(4): 468-472.

  (4) ZHAO Zeng-li, LI Hai-bin, WU Chuang-zhi, CHEN Yong. Study on the kinetic characteristics of bagasse pyrolysis and combustion. Journal of Fuel Chemistry and Technology, 2005,33(3): 314-319.

  (5)Zhang Chunyu, Ma Xiaoqian, Zhao Zengli, Li Haibin, Chen Yong. Numerical simulation of 3-D unsteady flow and flow and heat transfer for two airflow mix in adiabatic cavity.International Conference on Energy and the Environment, Dec.11-13, 2003, Shanghai,2:656-660。
  (6)Chen Ping, Zhao Zengli, Wu Chuangzhi, Chen Yong. Biomass Gasification in Circulating Fluidized Bed.Circulating Fluidized Bed Technology Ⅷ, Proceeding of 8th International Conference on Circulating Fluidized Beds, May 10-13, 2005, Hangzhou,507-514.

Representative patent  

(1) Zhao Zengli, Fan Yousan, Wu Chuangzhi, Li Haibin, Chen Yong. The method of making synthesis gas from thermal pyrolysis biomass with plasma. (invention,ZL 01129931.2), authorized in .6.Oct.2004.

(2) Wu Chuangzhi, Zhao Zengli, Zheng Shunpeng. Splitting purification method of flammable gas produced during biomass gasfication.(invention, ZL 02134850.2 ),authorized in 23.Feb. 2005.

(3)Wu Chuangzhi, Zheng Shunpeng, Chen Jian, Zhao Zengli. Technique and equipment of biomass mix gasfication.(invention, 200410027427.7), authorized in 21.Dec.2005

(1)Innovation expert of staffs and workers in Guangdong Province(2004)

(2)”1MW electricity generation by biomass gasification” in Key technology tackle hard-nut problems in science and technology in state “9th five-year plan” was awarded excellent science and technology result in 2001.(Wu Chuangzhi, Chen Yong, Luo Zengfan, Zheng Shunpeng, Yin Xiuli, Xu Bingyan, Chen Jian, Li Haibin, Zhao Zengli, Zhang Weiming, Huang Futai, Liao Cuiping, Dai Xianwen, Yang Xuelian, Xiong Zuhong.

(3)”Key technology research on composting and demonstration project of  municipal solid waste in 200t/day energy self-sufficient city ” of knowledge innovation directivity projects of CAS was awarded the first prize of science and technology progress in Guangdong province in 2004(Chen Yong, Liu Xiaofeng, Li Haibin, Wu Chuangzhi, Liao Yinzhang, Liu Kexin, Xiong Zuhong, Yan Changfeng, Zhao Zengli, Zhang Weiming, Chen Ming, Zheng Shunpeng, Luo Zengfan, Chen Wenwei)