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最小化 最大化

        Laboratory of Waste Treatment and Resource Utilization in GIEC has specialized in resource recovery and energy utilization of solid waste since 1996. Recently, our lab is equipped with some state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, including forming machine &incinerator furnace for refuse derived fuel, Spouting-moving bed reacfor, argon/hydrogen plasma reactor, Chemical-looping gaification reactor, etc. And the group has acquired some important achievements in the field of waste treatment technologies, including over 12 national and departmental rewards, 25 pieces of patents, about 100 pieces of research papers and 2 study books on waste treatment and biomasss energy technologies. In addition, we have undertaken a lot of projects supported by the national and local government, CAS, and other waste treatment and service ompanies. we have founded a good relationship with other research institutes and universitcies, such as other institutes of CAS, South China University of Technology, Tianjin University, Western Kentucky University, Sino-French Laboratory for Sustainable Energy. We hope that more academic organizations and companies would contact us and cooperate with us.


Research Directions

  • Physicochemical characteristics of solid waste
  • Release and control of pollutants during energy utilization process
  • Treatment technology of municipal solid waste and other waste materials
  • Refuse derived fuel(RDF) combustion in fluidized bed
  • Application of plasma technology in hazardous waste treatment
  • Combustion, gasification and hydrogen generation with Chemical-looping technology


Research objects
Municipal Solid Waste Electronic Waste

Medical Waste

Wastewater Sludge

Paper Mill Sludge

Forestry and Agricultural Residues